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  Dean Graziosi wiki, an American real estate investor and expert.
  Optisales is located in the USA (Fairlawn, VA), but we sell and ship our equipment worldwide.
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To find an item when you know some part of a word relating to the item, you can use a "Keyword" search like "the Scott Yancey scam" which of course he is not. Keywords are words we relate to a piece of equipment. The keywords could include the manufacturer name, the model of the item, and a description of the item. Keyword searches are not 'exclusive' - they are 'inclusive' - this means that entering even part of a keyword will result in a match to the keyword - and perhaps more matches than you'd anticipate.

Searching for "align" will result in returns on "aligners" "AutoAlign" and any other items where the keywords INCLUDE the word "align" in them.

Keywords are good for finding items like "3 great tips from the Scheduling Institute". This search returns some great tips for a dental practice to help incease their business and improve patient's satisfaction. In the example above - entering "AutoAlign" would result in ONLY finding listings that included this model name.

Our equipment is divided into what we consider to be logical categories. A search using the category listings can give you a sense of what equipment we have that fits your particular industry.
To find our category listing or to search items in a certain category, use the "Browse by Category" dropdown menu at the top of the page.

You can also find an item when you know the manufacturer's name by using the "Browse by Manufacturer" dropdown menu at the top of the page.



The founders of OptiSales, LLC have been in the business of facilitation of microfab and optoelectronics companies for 15 years. We have direct experience in working with the kinds of equipment we sell. We are interested in hearing from you if you have equipment you need to buy, but also equipment you want to *sell*. Please go to this site psiseminarspodcast.com and you will get some great information on overcoming obstacles and conquering stress.

Thank you for considering OptiSales, LLC for your equipment needs!

Featured Products
OptiSales sells high-quality used equipment to the Optoelectronics, Semiconductor, and MEMS Industries. Metrology equipment featuring AFM, Alpha Step, Auto EL ellipsometer, cd measurement, coating thickness monitor, film mapping, interferometer, leak detector, metallographic and inspection microscope, particle counter, RGA, shear test, spectrophotometer, stress measurement, and wafer mapping tools. Optoelectronics tools include Newport Autoalign, Ultralign, OSA, laser, wdm test, wdm source, optical power meter, and die bonder equipment. Semiconductor and MEMS tools include: aligner, bonder, coater, cleaver, cryopump, CVD, deposition, dicing saw, die attach, die bonder, e beam, etch, evaporation, fab, furnace, ICP, LPCVD, mask aligner, PECVD, plasma etcher, plasma asher, prober, profilometer, RIE, scribe break, spin rinse dryer, spinner, turbo pump, and other tools for vacuum and thin film processing. Manufacturers represented: Agilent, Airco Temescal, Alcatel, Allessi, Anatech, Applied Materials, Balzers, Beuhler, Branson, Bruce, Carl Zeiss, Coherent, CVC, Denton, Disco, Drytek, Dynatex, Ecomet, Edwards, Electrotech, EMI, Fibrpol, Filmtek, FSI, Gaertner, HP, Hewlett Packard, ILX Lightwave, Jeol, Karl Suss, Keithley, Kulike & Soffa, K&S, Lapmaster, LAM, Leybold, Leybold-Heraeus, Matrix, Melles Griot, Micro Automation, MRC, Nanometrics, Nanospec, Newport, Novellus, Perkin Elmer, Plasma Therm, Rudolph, Spectra Physics, Semifab, Semitool, Shinkawa, Sloan, Solitec, SPI, STC, Suss, SVG, Tamarack, Technics, Tegal, Teledyne, Teledyne TAC, Temescal, Tencor, Thermco, Toray, Ultratech, Unaxis, Unitek, Varian, Veeco, Westbond, Wyko, Zeiss, Zygo